Amelia & Latifa “Latifa has lifted a lot of the burden that all mothers feel. She gives us some peace.”


Amelia and Ignacio, parents of Marta and Daniela, and their babysitter Latifa: Latifa has become very important for the family. They don’t have to worry about domestic chores any more and juggling to adjust work schedules is over. Her initiative and availability have made her indispensable.

Amelia (mother):

Since we started working with Latifa, we’re able to combine our working life and enjoy some family time again. Because she takes care of the house and the kids during the day, we can focus on our role as parents. Having a person who takes away this stress is a great luxury to have. She gives us peace of mind, and that has a positive, happy effect on the entire family. I have the feeling that she takes care of us as if we were her own family. She is generous and is always there when we need her.

Amelia (mother):

When we go out in the weekend, Latifa takes care of the girls. It allows us to have some time together, which is so important when you have children. Because of the time we can spend together, we are better parents to our daughters.

Latifa (babysitter):

I’ve worked for the family for three years now and I’ve shared so many special moments with them already. Marta and Daniela are such a big part of my life, it’s great to see them growing up. Working as a babysitter brings me so much satisfaction, I could never have found that in any other job.

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